Farmville Secrets & Tips Guide

Published: 21st December 2009
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Farmville Tips and Tricks Guide

Here's a list of things I've picked up since playing FarmVille.

1) The Hot Air Balloon was a special item, one weekend only, as a "Thank You" gift from Zynga. (Same as the Superberries were.) Balloons are decorative only, they don't serve any function. It is just along for the ride.

2) Two tractors don't get you two fuel tanks. Three pieces of equipment don't get you three fuel tanks.

3) Planting raspberries won't give you experience points. You will still get 1 xp for each field you plow, but not for actually planting the raspberries. Also, you don't get xp from harvesting anything. You get experience points from plowing, planting (everything except raspberries) and purchasing (buildings, decorations) NOT from harvesting.

4) "Pet" animal is like "Horn" on the tractor - the only thing that happens is that the animal makes noise, and little hearts appear. Sorry.

5) Yes, FarmVille cash costs real money. This is a fact of life. You don't have to buy FV cash, as it is possible to play a complete and full game without it. The tractor fuel tanks will refill in 6 hrs, 15 minutes for free OR you can buy one-time use tanks for FV cash if you can't wait. You can advance without them.) THEY ARE OPTIONS for people who want to contribute their hard earned dollars to support this game.

6) You earn FV cash when you level up, one bill each level. This is relatively new, and was done, I believe, as a response to everybody who complained that "It's not fair" that you have to buy FV cash. This was not retroactive for high level players who had been in the game for a long time when the concept was first initiated (perhaps "unfair," but a nightmare to sort out, I would think.) Think of these extra bucks as a gift, not an inalienable right. You may not see the increase right away. It doesn't happen instantly; may take some time to see credit in your FC account, due to lag issues. Check back later or sign out of the game and back in to see if it shows up.

7) There is a separate section if you want to "Add Neighbors." This discussion board is not the right spot for that. Go to Finding Neighbors and the Add Me thread instead.

8) This game is still in Beta testing, and glitches happen. When you lose something, ranting, screaming, crying, cursing, etc. Nobody "owes" you anything. If you paid for something with Farm Cash or coins that you purchased with Real Life money, then see the Restoration Policy to get credit back. Otherwise, simply post your problem in the Bug Reporting section so that the devs know what is happening. Be calm, clear, and concise - don't rant and rave. Whining and temper tantrums don't get results.

9) There are lots and lots of places to get more answers - the FAQs and the Community Created Guides are chock full of helpful information. Also, learn to use the "Search" function. Very easy to use and you get tons of information.

11) How to Adopt Lost Animals? You don't get to adopt the lost animals that appear on your property. Currently, we have Ugly Ducks. Something else may replace Ugly Ducks in the future. Only the devs know for sure.) When a Lost Animal wanders onto your farm, you are given the option to Help the animal or to Ignore it. "Help" puts a post on your Facebook wall, announcing the lost animal. Your friends and neighbors can click on the link to adopt it. For you to adopt a lost animal, YOUR friends and neighbors have to find a lost sheep (whatever), agree to Help it, post it on THEIR wall, and then YOU have to click the Adopt link. It is a matter of luck whether you get that animal or not.

12) The Gold Fountain is FarmVille's name for the flying coin, the floating gold, the gold potato, the golden egg, the gold floaty thing, the tossed coin, the bouncing coin, the dropping coin, the gold sponge, the jumping cheese(?), a melon - pick your favorite description.

This one is a little controversial. The coin fountain occurs during plowing. You don't have to click on the coin or try to catch it in anyway. The bonus is automatic.

According to the Zynga support FAQ, the coins appear about 1% of the time.

13) What are "Unique Gifts and Trees?" In FarmVille lingo, "unique" means "different," not "special." Example: In the part of the USA where I live, it would be very "unique" (special) to see a banana tree, since they do not grow here. But, when the ribbon says you have to harvest 15 unique trees, it means 15 "different" trees, not 15 trees that you consider to be special.

There are now 16 unique trees; you must harvest from 15 of them:

Please note that the Acai tree, available for purchase with FC only, is not required for your Tree Hugger ribbon.

"Unique gifts" means 21 different gifts in your gift box at one time. But, your gift box only holds 30 gifts. The answer is to keep one of each unique ("different") gifts in your box and place the others on your farm. Dump the duplicates (doubles, triples, etc.) and keep only one of each different item until you have achieved all your Gifted ribbons. Then, you can use (or sell) the gifts.

There are 3 vehicles you can purchase - tractor, harvester, seeder. Each will cost you 30,000 coins.

--> THIS IS CRITICAL, PLEASE READ. It will refill over time. Each of the three vehicles SHARE one 150 unit fuel tank. This means if you have all 3 vehicles, you can harvest, plow, and plant 50 plots total before running out of fuel.

--> ALSO CRITICAL: If you BUY fuel refills in the Market with FC (= Real Life Money) these tanks are 1 time use only. You will get 150 plots out of each tank, but when it dries up, it is gone. Empty. Kaput. Vanished.

Fuel issues aside, the way to use each vehicle is to click on it. You will get a drop-down menu that says "move, sell, plow (or harvest, or seed)" Also, "horn" - this honks the horn, which is a cute, but otherwise useless, feature. You will then have a 2x2 block of 4 plots highlighted. To plow, put the highlighted boxes over green space or fallow ground and click. To harvest, place the boxes over ripe crops, to plant, place them over plowed ground.

Each block will cost you 1 fuel unit.

(about 1% of the time)

(You can harvest mixed crops, if they are ripe at the same time. If I had a row of tomatoes next to a row of pumpkins and they were all ripe, I could harvest 2 blocks of tomatoes and 2 blocks of pumpkins with the same single click of the harvester.)

When you use the seeder, it will first take you to the Market to choose a seed type (1 kind of seed per 4 block unit) You will pay the usual number of coins and gain the usual number of xp for whatever crop you plant, times 4 blocks.

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